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Suunto PC POD SS011324000 for Suunto Training Watch T3C or Suunto Training Watch T4C allows you to receive data wirelessly directly into your PC. With a PC Pod, by Suunto you can review your performance in real time. Suunto pc pod displays and records your heart rate in real time during your exercise. These PC Pods has an USB connection and reception range up to 10m/33ft.

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  • Suunto – PC Pod (Black) – Jewelry: The Suunto PC Pod brings your heart rate in real-time to a PC screen. ; Allows you to monitor your own and up to 3 people’s heart rate in real-time on a PC screen without he need for a wristop. ; Range up to 10m/30 ft. ; Downloads and analyzes data wirelessly from your Suunto t3 and t4. ; Shows workout summary, time spent in HR zones, laps, and total duration of workout.